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After 10 years together, a mortgagement, and

adopting a couple of (cat) babies - plus, y'know,

2+ years of dealing with the whole pandemic thing -

we thought 2022 might finally be a good time to celebrate our wedding day with you.


We love you and can't wait to see you in September!

- Ryan & Jamie "Fortitto"


Golden Steel Plate

Event Details

We're a Little Nontraditional.

No bridal party (you're all our besties).

No altar (are you really surprised Jamie wanted to be on a theater stage?)

No assigned seating (mix, mingle, and escape as much as you want).

No sit-down dinner (think: heavy appetizers). See Food/Drink, above.


630-975-0585 (call/text)

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 5.08.10 PM.png

The Magic Lounge

Enjoy the Magic that is Jamie & Ryan's wedding at this speakeasy magic bar, theater and lounge hidden behind a laundromat in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago.

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